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It was the Autumn of 1994 (my 13th birthday) when I first started DJing in my bedroom courtesy of my uncle who'd packed up and given me his old decks. I began annoying the neighbours and playing to any random passer-by that strolled down our street. Before I knew it, what had started off as a fun hobby had soon developed into something a little more serious and by the time I was 18 the business was in full swing. Since then I have looked to build a company with values, impeccable customer service and also with the sole purpose of packing every dance floor wherever we go! 20 years on and we are now a very well established DJ company that has built up an enviable reputation in the Sussex & Surrey area. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide professional, reliable service and DJ's who have an excellent ability to read the crowd and fill the dance floor at your Wedding. Our specialist small team of highly skilled DJ's are all passionate about making your Wedding a huge success that everyone talks about and will work hard to ensure a busy dance floor thoughout!

Passion for a packed dance floor!

Mark Wintle - Company Director

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor!.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Mark Wintle - Owner